Why South Africa?

Hi everyone! Thanks for visiting. If you’ve navigated to this page, then you probably have the general knowledge that I received a fellowship and traveled to South Africa. Let me give you the lo down and then you’ll know all about what the heck I’m doing at the southern tip of a continent 8,000 miles from home.

Union College is what made this fellowship possible. They have a fellowship program called the Minerva Fellowship, which selects graduating seniors to spend nine months abroad, doing sustainable development, humanitarian aid, education, health care, etc. I am part of the 12th generation of Minerva Fellows, which began in 2008. This is also the year that the total number of fellows reached 100. Any one of the 6 of us could be that lucky 100th person. No one really knows, so let’s make it me. Woohoo I’m the 100th Minerva Fellow!

Thanks to the wonderful donors to this program, I am the Lauren Greene Cohen ’78 Minerva Fellow going to Johannesburg, South Africa and working at Witkoppen Health and Welfare Center. I am the only fellow (out of 6) traveling to South Africa. The rest are in Kenya, Uganda, and Cambodia. I’ll be helping the clinic with daily needs and serve as the liaison for The Gift of Hope, a non profit Lauren Cohen started which serves to financially support the women and children at Witkoppen with and affected by HIV. I had the most interest in this placement to learn more about urban health care and the general desire to do this fellowship to serve others and explore the world.

This blog is my thoughts, experiences, adventures, and everything in between. Enjoy!

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